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July Goals Followup

1. Visit a museum or art exhibit.

Oh yeah... forgot about that...

2. Go to the free summer movies that are starting up in July (even if I have to go alone!).

Um.... I started watching the Olympics. Does that count?

3. Get some stickers & colored paper from the Dollar Store & make something with them.

Oops. Totally spaced on this too. Maybe I should print out my Goals so I don't forget about them. ;P

4. Walk down to the lake at least once a week.

Does walking to and from the refrigerator count? Oh! But I did start doing my Wii Fit again. So that's good.

5. Finish 4 books.

I finished one book that took me way longer than it should have. I feel like every spare second has been taken up with knitting or designing, but I really should make more of an effort to relax this summer, shouldn't I?

6. Sleep outside under the stars (of course, this requires that it actually stops raining!).

Well... we've had the coldest summer in a looooong time around here. It did finally stop raining, but the nights have still stayed around 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Not exactly sleeping outside weather.

7. Visit the local farmer's market.

I keep forgetting about this, too. I'm used to farmer's markets being on Saturday mornings, which is when I think about going. In this town, they're on Thursday afternoons. Go figure.

8. Watch 4 movies from my birth year (1979!).

I'm honestly not even sure I've watched four movies total this month. I know that's very strange for me - I told you I've been busy!

9. Start brainstorming Christmas card designs.

I'm kind of carded out. I had a bunch of cool ones in my shop for awhile, but then I started doing the math on printing them, shipping them, etc... Yeah... Let's just say I was losing money every time one sold.

10. Work on a YouTube tutorial about using a Wacom tablet.

Oh yeah! Good idea!! I have been getting better at using my tablet, although I completely spaced it on doing a tutorial for it. I've been meaning to do a how-to-knit tutorial too. Would anyone be interested in that?

11. Browse through a used bookstore.

Does count?

12. Knit 10 hats for my knitting shop.

YES!! Finally something I completed!! I've knit a BUNCH of new hats for my shop, as well as had my friend Anna model for me. My shop is looking so good now!!

13. Get 5 more template designs and 10 more Etsy banner designs into my design shop.

I actually sold a custom blog design this month (I can't tell you for who yet!!) so haven't had any time to focus on creating blog templates. I'm starting to think templates are a bad idea though - everyone has their own idea of what they want - is it really worth it to make generic templates? Would people even buy those? I'll have to think on that.

I did make a gazillion new Etsy banners though. Those are pretty quick to whip out and a fun way to wind down in the evening. I also made a few super cute Halloween banners!

14. Try again to get a really good star trails photo.

Hmm... another goal that I missed. Oh well. Maybe next month. ;)

Do you set goals? How'd you do this month? {See my original July goals here}


  1. I love your Halloween banners! I'd be interested in knitting tutorial if it would be for total beginners.

  2. Yes, you really should print out a list of your goals, or at least have a reminder somewhere to check your list once a week or something, just so you remember some of the random ones you have on there. I'm sure you might have tried to do a couple more of these if you had just remembered. I know for me - out of sight, out of mind. :P


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